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The original Rokt band got together in 2011. From there we’ve grown to an amazing global ensemble of over 170 people in Sydney, New York, Melbourne, the Netherlands, London, New Zealand, and Japan. We’ve crafted novel solutions for the Transaction Moment, in doing this we've disrupted the marketing technology industry, with impressive results. In 2019 we're investing $23m in new R&D which includes hiring 70 new engineers. Do you want to be our next generation Rokt'star?

Rokt is one of the few, if not the biggest, commercial users of Clojure in Sydney and we’re looking to expand our team this year. If you enjoy crafting code with plentiful parentheses this is the job for you.

In this role you will lead the Rokt Selector team responsible for the real-time decision engine that determines what user experience and relevant offers to present to the end customer. This is a multi-region server-side system that is critical to Rokt’s availability and provides interesting scale and performance challenges. It is backed by a read-replicated PostgreSQL database and has integrations with several other Rokt services. Apart from the really cool tech your team comprises of some exceptionally talented engineers with cross-functional skills who will thrive and excel with your guidance and care.


  • Leadership — you are a respected technical leader who can nurture and inspire your team while bringing out the best in them to deliver elegant software. You have had direct reports before. You can manage process as well as the myriad interface points with your team.
  • Architecture and design — you think carefully about non-functional aspects and have a certain knack for abstraction and designing simple yet scalable architectures and maintainable designs, you are keenly aware of the trade-offs inherent in any design decision
  • JVM background — you are well-versed in programming on top of the JVM. That might be in Java but if you’re well-versed or have just tried your hand at Clojure or Scala then you definitely have our attention.
  • SQL — you eat non-trivial queries for breakfast and are skilled at extracting sublime performance out of relational databases; solid experience with data modelling is a definite must
  • AWS — our infrastructure is AWS-hosted, and if you're already familiar enough with the environment that you can use AWS resources effectively to simplify how you get the job done, we'll value that contribution, otherwise we’ll help you get certified.

In this role you will be leading a team whose stack primarily consists of Clojure, PostgreSQL and a number of AWS services including SQS, RDS, EC2 and EKS. While Clojure experience is appreciated, it is less crucial than your management, architecture and DevOps skills.


In return for your amazing skills we’ll provide new challenges, an encouraging team of forward-thinking colleagues and a competitive salary. We also have all the perks you’d expect, including employee stock plan, training budget, tech allowance, annual kick off in amazing places, (including Hawaii, the Blue Mountains, and Thailand in 2020!) and free lunches. There’s also sponsored social clubs including Microcontrollers, Gym, Basketball, Board Games, even Band. You could start your own club too.

Whether you love indie, pop, ASMR, metal, jazz, hip hop or classical, we’ll make space for you to be a Rokt’star. Get your application ready* and apply now.

(*no singing, or instruments required, promise.)

We recognize balance and difference is important in all business. We encourage you whatever your background, gender, religion or sexual orientation to apply. If you need other considerations or adjustments please highlight in your application and our Recruiter will be in touch.

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