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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Engineering



We are looking for Senior Front-end Software Engineers to build out the next generation of the Rokt user experience. You might join the Rokt Platform team building the suite of web apps in Angular 6 & Typescript that enable our internal teams and our clients to create, manage and report on their Rokt campaigns and integrations, or the Presentation Engine team working in React & Typescript on our front-line client-side integrations that render on our partners’ sites and handle enormous scale.

As a Senior Engineer at Rokt, you will:

Your team (like most teams at Rokt) will consist of 4-5 engineers. Our team structure is flat; we actively encourage participation from the all team members in the entire engineering process. No egos. We communicate clearly, honestly and respectfully with each other. You will often mentor less experienced members of your team, contribute to design workshops, write lightweight but effective documentation and take an active part in all aspects of our Agile SCRUM process.

The Tech

Rokt utilises various tech stacks, including JavaScript, .Net, Clojure and Python. We currently serve hundreds of requests every second and generate millions of data points every day. Our infrastructure is all hosted on AWS (we have no on-premise fleet) which allows us to scale as per demand. We employ modern Event Streaming architectures to facilitate the flow of data between regions and downstream services to ensure our systems respond in a reliable and timely manner.

At Rokt, we’re big on Agile development, Microservices, Serverless (sometimes), infrastructure as code, and as much automation as possible. We actively encourage innovation and love new and interesting tech, but never because it’s shiny, but rather because it helps us solve problems.

We adopt industry best practice and place a heavy emphasis on strong interface contracts between our services which talk JSON or Protobuf. To help us achieve our goals we also harness various modern tools including Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Splunk and a variety of automation frameworks.

About Engineering at Rokt

Rokt's product and engineering team numbering 70+ is based in Surry Hills, with customers in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and more. We are expanding rapidly, with a $25M projected spend in 2019 on R&D and many new engineers to join our team.

Rokt is one of the leading software companies to come out of Sydney having experienced 80% or higher year-on-year growth over the last several years. We are pioneers in the transaction marketing space and have no shortage of ideas to execute. Come join our team and become part of our success story!

About Rokt

Rokt is a global technology company with a unique transaction marketing platform. We help e-commerce operators optimise their customer journeys as well as monetise under-utilised portions of their websites. In the process we help performance marketers engage with and acquire customers at scale when they’re most receptive - just as they’ve made an online transaction from a trusted brand.


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